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WarHammer Mechanics

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I was just wondering how Warhammer's Mechanics work. I would like to the know the following:

1. How movement is used. (Rulers?)

2. How fighting is resolved.

3. How armies are built. (How limits are set. I know WizKids games use point values. Same mechanic?)


WarHammer Mechanics

Pretty much the same as any other wargame I've ever read.

The main attractions for the Games Workshop games are - ease of reading the rules, simplicity, attractive presentation and and imaginitive setting which allows much creativity on the part of the player.

The main killer for wargames I've found is not how complicated they are - but how it is written. If it reads like a legal document - it will only attract lawyers. But if it reads like an epic fantasy adventure, well then...

As to your questions - The different editions of their rules have gone through many stages (all to do with marketing, actual playtesting/balance and target audience). The first editions were not as simple as the current ones.

1)- Tape Measures. Usually in Inches, occasionally in Centimetres. Some turning templates for vehicles, various other attractive templates for random movements and area effects.

2)- Dice. In this case, normal dice are generally used. Still possibly too many used, and too many statistics for individual figures. There is a 'to hit' roll (skill versus skill with modifiers) a 'to wound' roll (strength of attack versus toughness of target) and an 'armour save' (roll equal or greater than armour worn with modifiers).

3)- Same as every other wargame. Army lists of thematic races. Every army has minimum and maximum troop types allowed. Units and individual figures have points values based on their statistics, usefullness and arbitrary kewlness factor (often used to sell the latest model, and occasionally hastily modified when they realise playbalance has gone totally pear shaped yet again).

If you can - try to get the 1st or 2nd editions in secondhand bookstores - they contain the most interesting reading, and haven't had their prices artificially inflated.

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