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What exactly is a Micro Game?

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Is a Micro-game just a game made of small parts and very cheap to produce or is there something more to it? Are there specific themes or atmospheres that make a micro-game more enjoyable than others? In looking at a few MG sites, I see that most have humorous and amusing storylines that go with the games. I have a few ideas for the MG contest, but want to make sure I am on the right track as I have never actually seen one.



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You're mostly right. Microgames typically fit into little plastic zip lock baggies (typically 6" x 8") or some other small container (CD jewel case games are becoming more popular as well). Usually they have cheaper components, sometimes they are devoid of color. Oftentimes you have to cut the components out yourself. In the infancy of microgames, themes tended to be war games or fantasy role playing games. I think it's just been within the last ten years that they started to take on a more humorous theme (I think the microgame medium tends to lend itself well to having a humour theme, it's hard to take a game serious that comes in a little plastic zip lock bag, wouldn't you agree). However, there really is no rule that says a microgame has to be fantasy, war, or humor themed. The two main rules are keeping it inexpensive and keeping it small enough so that the components can actually fold back into the container.

Hope this explanantion helps!

What exactly is a Micro Game?

Certainly with regard to the humor topic, I would agree that this is not exclusive. I've got a whole series of old TSR micros, perhaps the best of which is Raid on Antares, a sci-fi wargame which I would characterize as anything but humorous. It's probably as close to "epic" as you can get in a micro. But there is also Icerbergs, which is essentially a ship-racing game, and They've Invaded Pleasantville, which is I believe a deduction game (never played it), and is the only one that has humor as part of the theme.

Darke pretty much hit it on the head: it's a small game with few, relatively inexpensive pieces. Other than that, let your creativity take off!

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