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At what poiint?

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Hi -

I am new to this forum. I have been reading it for a couple days and wanted to clear up a couple things.

When is a good time to start discussing a design? I think the answer is anytime. We all want to hear about new designs. So I guess my question really is what phases of design discussion go into which parts of the forum?

I am currently working on a board game that I am really excited about. Its been fairly involved to work out all the details (which are far from done) and to decide which game mechanics to steal from my favorite games. I am almost done in building up a prototype to start play testing.

Secondly, on a similar note, at what point to you add your masterpiece to Board Game Geeks database? I think when it is commercial.

Lastly, how long after finishing that first stellar game do you collect that fat paycheck? (Kidding).

Thanks for your time.

- Dwight

(PS This web-site is great)

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