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Wild West Films CCG idea

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I have an idea for a CCG based on Wild West Films. The idea is to allow players to develop factions (strongest faction wins the game?) with a number of cards referring to "Hollywood" incidents and characters such as the campfire scene in Blazing Saddles, blowing rail bridges, stampedes, the man with no name, gold strikes, fire water, the local school marm, the toothless old cowhand, etc.

a) do you think there would be a market for this?

b) do you have any suggestions for scenes, incident, characters from hollywood westerns?

Thanks. Rivcoach

Wild West Films CCG idea

Hello and welcome!

Sounds like you have a good basis for a game! I'm not going to say that you shouldn't develop it as a CCG, but you should look into alternative game structures to a CCG. Perhaps an all card game that is self contained. Or maybe a more limited CCG (like Blue Moon) that is more customizable that collectible (fewer expansions and boosters).

The only reason is that the CCG market is VERY saturated and it seems like you would be making it harder to get your game published. You not only have the game itself to sell to a publisher, but the concept of yet another CCG.

I only mention this because my first game (developed with my brother) was a CCG. We completed it to the point of being fairly satisfied with it. Since then, I have been watching CCG's and the gaming market and thinking that we should retool the game to be a single self-contained game. That would increase our chances of seeing it published some day.

Best of luck!

Wild West Films CCG idea

My opinion is that CCG would be definately the wrong way to go. I think that part of the industry is just too difficult to be successfull with, especially with a niche theme. of course that's just my opinion.

Perhaps a better way to go would be still as a card game, but with expansions released over time. There are several games that do this successfully that came right to mind:

Killer Bunny : though, why anyone likes this game is a mystery to me, it's win condition is pure luck, or at least it was the last time I played it. Still, they've released a lot of expansion sets (interestingly, I think it started off collectible, or was going to be ...). The cards are really cool, and very funny

Bang : another western game, but with several expansions out

anyway, that's my .02

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