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Cosmic Creators Looking For Play Testers

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I am currently writing the rule set for a game I created called Cosmic Creators and will then have them edited by a friend. I have been working on the game for a few months now and have done a lot of play testing with various gaming groups I belong to and feel that the game is pretty much finished. I would like to now to do some blind play testing to see if other like the game and if the rule set it is complete. Is there a procedure for doing this on this group or do I simply just post it as a message and ask for playtesters?

Cosmic Creators Looking For Play Testers

I dunno the answers on "how to" but I have a regular group that meets at LEAST once a week, likely more that would be more than willing to blindtest just about anything...

... as long as the kids can look at it and not be offended, we'd be in.


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