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Looking for Backstabbers! Intruige-based playtest by e-mail

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Hey all!

I'm looking for a group of about 7 playtesters to help me with an e-test of "Inner Circle".

Inner Circle is a Diplomacy-type game that is based in negotiations between players. There is no luck in the game. Well, no random elements after setup. Everyone starts on more or less the same footing.

The idea behind the game was actually for a educational simulation I was designing in 20th century dictatorships. Players take the roles of newly-created ministers in the "inner circle" of a dictatorial political party that has just gained power. Historically, this is when the purges begin. In the game, this is also where the purges begin, and therein lies the fun.

What makes this game different, and sometimes difficult, is that there is one player who is the Leader, while the others are all Ministers. Ministers ae all trying to become the LEader, since only the Leader can win the game. The problem is that the Leader cannot forward political agendas of their own, and these agendas are the actions taken during the game. The leader gains position by sowing discord among the Ministers. The ministers are only secure when they all act in concert to depose the Leader. But one of them must take that top spot, and nobody will relinquish it willingly to someone else, or they'll just have to depose the new person.

Add to this that players can be thrown in prison, politically exiled, rise and fall in power, sell their personal influence, abuse the good reputations of others, become the dreaded Right Hand of the Leader, or simply curry the powerful favor of the Leader, who's good word has the force of law across the land.

The playtesters will be sent the current version of the rules.

Any unscupulous people out there willing to grind down the populace for personal gain? And, if history has shown us that there must be an all-powerful dictator in power (as indeed it has), shouldn't that leader be you?

Send me a PM here, if you're interested. I'd like to continue playtesting this game some more.

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