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New at forum; Cyberboard Playtesting, some questions

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Hi, I'm new at these forums, and I have some questions about using Cyberboard to playtest games.

Is Cyberboard used a lot for playtesting here? Are any alternative programs used? Is it easy to find willing playtesters?

How 'finished' should the game be?
Are people here willing to playtest a game in an early stage?

How important is it to spend lots of time on a good implementation of the game in Cyberboard?

Thanks a lot!

Kristian R. A. Østby

Joined: 04/23/2013
New at forum; Cyberboard Playtesting, some questions

To be honest, I really don't think anyone (or at most, very few) is actually using cyberboard to playtest their games. We had started discussing possibly implementing a software package for virtual playtesting in this forum:

But the project never really got off the ground.

I am sorry this is sort of a dead end answer for you, but I think in reality not very many people have tapped into the possibilites of virtual playtesting yet.


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Joined: 07/21/2008
New at forum; Cyberboard Playtesting, some questions

I just got done using Cyberboard to test out some ideas for extending "Castle Danger" to a bigger board and some adjusted rules. It worked well for what I was doing, but the PBeM pace might not be quick enough for a lot of cases, or for games that require more player interaction. In my case, the game is a more traditional turn-based 2-player game, so it worked.

Cyberboard itself doesn't require much for specs, so getting someone to download a free program to test out a game doesn't seem a very difficult task. The system has a restricted color palette, however, so it's not overly easy to make things look great -- but that might not matter at a playtesting level.

That's my experience anyway.


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