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Playtest Group Available

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Greetings everyone,

I am new to this board, but would like to offer up a dedicated group of game players to test out games. We're willing to sit down with a game, play through it repeatedly, look for broken/weak mechanics, write detailed playtest reports, and do anything we can to help you make your game better. We'll happily sign non-disclosure agreements. Several of us are aspiring game designers and want to hone our skills at the fine art of playtesting. We all love to play new games and we frequently play many various types of games. If you are interested please contact me: or reply to this post. Thanks!

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Re: Playtest Group Available

Hi corduroy...

Thanks for the invite! I'll infer from your message that you'd plan for us to mail our games over, and you'd return the game with a session report (ooooh, blind testing!).

Would you mind letting us know your home city or town? Maybe you're near a BGDFer who's willing to meet face-to-face.


Playtest Group Available

Certainly, we're in Eugene, Oregon. We'd be willing to meet face to face, receive games via mail, or even print them ourselves from .pdf files.

Hi corduroy

Thank you for an offer I canĀ“t refuse!

Good game testing groups are worth a lot to me.
Especially those hwo have english as their native tounge ( I am swede)

I will talk to my publisher and hopefully get his approval.
(I am not a free man)
Post me a private mail of where to send a letter of confidentiality.
This will take a few weeks since my publisher lives in different cities and do not meet that often.

Best Regards

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