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Protospiel 2006 – Organizers Perspective.

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First off I want to thank everyone who made this years meeting great. That would be everyone who attended, not only did you support it with your funding assuring that we could continue doing this you also helped out with excellent insights and feedback in the play testing process. This of course includes Will, William and Alex of Mayfair Games who have always done a great deal to support the event as well as Matt Forbeck our guest of honor.

It was a big year in many ways. The venue was moved to the Ann Arbor area, which allowed us to keep the conference space open for 15 hours a day since I live nearby. Consequently everyone got their games to the tables more and had a greater pool of testers with attendance of 33 including publishers and guests. There were many highlights including Alex Yeager’s speech on the use of cards, Matt Forbeck’s talk about being a freelancer and of course Gregg Lam’s new dexterity game that you didn’t even have to play to enjoy, it seemed to have an 8-foot pleasure radius, which caused those who entered to immediately smile. All and all there were no bad games; everyone had obviously worked hard on their projects. Numerous games were only in need of small tweaks making it a pleasure to play them. I am sure in the future we will be seeing many of these games hit the shelves.

Hope to see you all next year.
Dralius the sleep deprived

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Protospiel 2006 – Organizers Perspective.

Thanks for the brief re-cap, David ... any of the attendees have perspective to add?

I'm sad to have missed it, again. :-(


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Protospiel 2006 – Organizers Perspective.

This was very enjoyable and productive. I highly recommend it, both for developing your games and seeing the great ideas of other people. It was worth the trip out from Boston.

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Protospiel 2006 – Organizers Perspective.

It was a wonderful gathering, and I highly recommend Protospiel or anything like it such as Pow-Wow. The feedback I got was useful, and I think it will become a better game because of it. So thanks, y'all!


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Protospiel 2006 – Organizers Perspective.

Protospiel 2006 wrapped up last weekend, and I've finally recovered from the loss of sleep and game design overload. Alex Yeager from Mayfair Games gave a seminar on "50 uses for playing cards" as well as the printing side of getting cards manufactured, David Whitcher led a game design group exersize of retheming and retooling "Chutes and Ladders", and Matt Forbeck gave us advice from the perspective of a freelance game designer. Every other waking hour was spent playtesting designs.

I enjoyed catching up with old friends from previous Protospiels as well as meeting many new people for the first time, and I was able to add five new entries to my geeklist of attending designers with games on the 'geek. Every game I playtested or observed was impressive, and thanks to very helpful comments, critiques and advice, I saw my games improve by leaps and bounds as the weekend progressed. Once again we had two player games, tile games, party games, abstract games, dexterity games and world simulation games all being tested throughout the weekend. My only regret is that I couldn't play every design there! For some more discussion of the games played, Clark has made a geeklist:

Looking forward to Protospiel 2007!

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