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Tempest: 1st Playtest Report (Needs Help!)

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Alright I just playtested Tempest (Complete Hazard) with one person. The person wasn't the greatest board game tester (it was my sister) but she was the only one I had at the moment.

I was waiting to post these after I got into the GDW (whenever that time came) but since I'll be changing some things, here are the rules:

and tile pictures:

and last but not least, unit pictures:

Square = Cyborg
Rectangle = Artillery (used to be harvesters)
Triangle = Bridges (used to be teleporters)
Polygon = Mech/Robot

It wasnt the greatest game either, some noticable things that I think brought the game down were:

  • No Harvesters: I don't think it was as fun w/ out them
  • Rank Battling: Just plain weird, cards were better.
  • Turn Actions: They werent the greatest
  • Cost: It's not the costs, it just that it was a bit tedious to look back at the rulebook for costs.
  • Turn Order: Wasn't bad, but I think I might let players just do stuff out of order
Playtest: The game started off slow me first buying an artillery, and using it to wipe out a few off my opponents units. I then built a base on a Toxic Waste, and Metal tile so I could get a steady income. My sister just built a few bases, and some new units, and spread them out, so I couldn't kill them again.

Game was about 10 minutes, and I had 3 artillerys, I shot all 3 bases and wiped out her units, I won!? Wow that was quick!

Ya, theres the game, It's need help. That's also how bad the combat suffered so I think I am going back to Card Based.

So do you have any suggestions? Anything, even if it means adding or taking away things will be greatly apprieciated (I mean greatly!)


Edit: I am also looking for playtesters, if anyone is interested, I wants to help me further improve this game. Any Takers, please respond here, or PM me. It's not hard to find (or make) units (4 different sized lego pieces would work), or resource counters. You would just have to print out the tiles.

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