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Terra Prime V1.5

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3/25 playtest

Well, yesterday was my birthday, and as a gift I got in a game of Terra Prime. A suggestion was made by one of the players which I think will help out my issues with consumption tremendously.

What I've been doing lately is at the beginning of the START player's turn, Earth consumes one of each resource. I've been unhappy with that because the goods get consumed too quickly, and the mechanic doesn't really effect anything the way it should. The suggestion was to only consume one of the goods - which I've thought of before, but I didn't want to get into some algorithm to determine which good to consume. The simple suggestion was to consume whatever was in the most supply.

I like this idea a lot now, and the extension of it is that when there's a tie for most, you choose the good in this order: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red.

So that's going to be the new rule, and I'll see how that goes.

I played a pretty miserable game, personally, I had only colony for the longest time. However it WAS a Yellow colony, and I spent a few turns simply delivering a lot of yellow cubes, building up a bank. I should probably have just kept that up...

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