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The ultimate play test environment.

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I had a week of playtesting zoip last week on holiday.

some good things, and some great things came out of this, but one of the
sessions may go down in history.

We were playing in a communal area of a hostel type place. We had played a few games and generally things were going well, then I managed to talk 7 players into a game.

generally we have been playing till 200 points, (about an hour for 2 players) As I want sure how long it would take with 7, I said that we would play to 200 or until the french disco took over. :P

During the course of the evening the walls of the room were rolled back, to reveal ... a disco.

within 15 minutes, there were people dancing round the table, flashing lights so that you couldnt see what colour was what, and could barely red them.

I was trying to help the player to my right but she became more involved in the ausin powers film that had started being shown behind my shoulder on a giant screen.

We lasted about half an hour.

Main thing learned, I needed some more rules to keep people involved, and a new rule to decide the winner in the case of disco. :wink:

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Re: The ultimate play test environment.

That's absolutely hysterical!

Perhaps I should institute some "emergency disco rules" in my prototypes? :)

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