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why not make a sticky of playtesters?

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was wondering, i see a few posts about people wanting to playtest and other groups doing playtesting.

Why not make a sticky post, where individuals, that have groups of players, could be listed.... with names, number of possible playtesters in the test group, and their preference of game types?

just a thought....

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why not make a sticky of playtesters?


This look like a good idea but...

We have several request with connection of people that want to be connected in some way (want to test or have testers, want to have graphics or sell graphic design services, want to have someone that want to sell games prototypes, want to have a legal adviser, they have job offers, in my case proofreading and so on).
A lot of people are also in for just a month or so. The list has to kept updated otherwise it will have no or little value (I should not have to contact 10-15 persons to get one tester).
I would therefore advice not to have this kind of list.

// Johan

why not make a sticky of playtesters?

I think its a very good idea. Maybe a list for both US and Europe (even more specific)

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why not make a sticky of playtesters?

Perhaps the people on the list would have to log into the BGDF once a week or so to check their messages. After a week without a checkup, they're dropped from the list.

A moderator could look at the listing before deleting it, so people could put in "Be back in two weeks!" type messages. Anyone without such a message would be deleted. This would remove the strictly automated aspect of the list, but really, how may people are we talking about here? If one or two have to be dropped in any given week, I'd be surprised.

It would be sort of like a game design dating service:

Tile Laying game in need of some playtest loving! I am a graphically monochromatic Carcassone derivative. I'd love to show you my rapid endgame development and deep decision tree! Though I've enjoyed rapid play in the past and have acted as a filler, I'm also open to lingering forethough, so don't feel shy if you've been embarrassed by Analysis Paralysis before! With the right buildup, multiple strategies are a definite possability! I'm a two-player game, though, so group scenes are out!

why not make a sticky of playtesters?

That is some funny stuff Hedge-o-Matic :), but still an excellent point. My worry about listing playtesters would be that they'd be overwhelmed with requests from game designers. Listing games that need playtesters I think would be better.

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why not make a sticky of playtesters?

Nice one Hedge ;)

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