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10.8 pt playing card stock

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I'm close to self-publishing a card game, where the cards will be held in people's hands & shuffled often.

I intend to use a card game manufacturer, who typically prints on 10.8 pt playing card stock.

I've seen people in this forum recommend using 300 gsm playing card stock, or 14-point C2S, for playing cards.

Is 10.8 pt playing card stock decent? (i.e. Is it comparable to 300 gsm playing card stock? Or is it twice as flimsy, or worse?)

Thanks in advance!

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10.8 pt playing card stock

Your best bet is to ask for a sample. NEVER deal with a card manufacturer without getting some kind of sample stock.

My best guess (from doing the conversions) is that you are talking at getting around a 260 GSM stock, but I can't be certain. 260 GSM is somewhat flimsy if that's what it is.

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