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20 x 20 board

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I was looking at the 20" x 20" board shown on Protoparts website and it appears to have a black frame around it. My original plan for my game map was to have it be approximately 36" x 48" but I could live with 40" x 40". This would require 4 20" x 20" boards to be laid out next to each other so I am wondiring if the black "frame" can be easily removed so that the map sections will line up.

Can anyone help?



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20 x 20 board


I dont think the black border will be an issue for you. When you apply your map sections to the boards, simple offset the map into the correct corner of the board.

Basically I think you just need to play with setting your map images onto the board area in the correct way. For instance, to cover the black border sections :
top-left board : cover bottom and right sides
top-right board : cover left and botom sides
bottom-left : cover top and right sides
bottom-right : cover top and left sides

Keep in mind you will need to play around with the map sections since you need to adjust for extending the areas to cover more of the board then normal. If you do it right you can have the four board sections that when laid out on the table together have a black boarder that goes around the entire outsite of all 4 boards.

As an example :

20 x 20 board

Zzzzz wrote:
When you apply your map sections to the boards, simple offset the map into the correct corner of the board.

Exactly! The 20x20 board is designed to be used with artwork that is 19.5 x 19.5 inches. That allows a .25" gap between the edge of the artwork and the edge of the board. The black frame is the backing material being "case wrapped" or wrapped to cover the sides of the board and onto the face. The artwork then overlaps this material to give you a finished board.

In your case, you will want to use artwork that is 19.75 x 19.75 inches. That will leave a .25 inch gap between the artwork and the board on only 2 sides (lining up with one corner of the board itself). You can even use 20 x 20 artwork, but the artwork that extends to the outer edge may suffer some. It's up to you. Most applications make it easy to resize your artwork to whatever size you need (and there isn't a noticable difference between 40 x 40 artwork and 39.5 x 39.5).

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