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Artists for a CCG

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A little while ago, I created a Stargate CCG that was well received by the licensing department of MGM, but not the executives (they wanted someone with a large company behind them including millions to spend). Anyway, I was reading the thread about the Open CCG idea and I am intrigued. The main reason is I built the system to be used (AGE System - Advanced Gaming Entertainment System) as a kind of d20 to CCGs. This would allow others to create their own CCGs for free if they only wanted to distribute for free online or for a license fee if they wanted to go into production and make money. Anyway...

That brings me to where I am right now. Since Stargate was shot, I am re-tooling the theme, but not the mechanics. The one thing I lack greatly is the ability to create art for the cards. So, I am interested if there are any people out there interested in pitching in some artwork and maybe card ideas etc to this game. I will distribute a downloadable version of the game for free on the internet (although the mechanics will be copyrighted just in case) and should someone someday be interested in producing the game, I will make sure everyone who helps gets a share.

So, if you are interested you can email me ( or reply here. Right now I am waiting on my internet to be hooked up at home so if it takes me several days to reply don't get discouraged.


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Artists for a CCG

what sort of theme were you thinking of? I dont know what sort of style you were lookin for but you can see some of my artwork at

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Artists for a CCG

I may be able to contribute a few images myself, though a theme would definately be useful knowledge.

You can check out my works at

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