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Board Production

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This site is a god send. I've been researching the best material to build a prototype game board out of and I'm not exactly sure of the process that you need to go through to make a board stable and high-quality. So, I exactoed my old monopoly board and began to disect it. It's just cardboard? I mean, that's great, considering my uncle works at a box factory, but what about the paper that actually makes the board? There seems to be a large sheet of paper connected to the two boards to hold them together, but what is that paper specifically? Also, does anyone know the type of paper used for the art and "squares" for the actual board?

Last question, I promise (on this subject anyways). I've been trying to find the best way to create small, perfect squares (for spaces) in different patterns. Using just a ruler and pencil seems long and inaccurate. Are there any tools that can be used specifically for this? Thanks alot guys and girls.

Board Production

I would call a manufacturer such as Delano Service ( and ask them. I am sure they can give you all the details of how they create the boards. There may be a bit more to it than you would think such as the different quality thickness and glues. Here are some specifications for a typical game board listed on the Delano quote request form:

*4-color process is preferred when using 3 colors or more.
Printing is typically on a 70# white litho label.
Board Caliper is 75pt. - Back wrap is a 45# black levant fastcote. Please note if other wrap is preferred.

There are a lot of creative ways to produce a prototype though. It does not have to be a finished product. You would want to make it sturdy enough to handle plenty of play testing, but it's primary purpose is usually more conceptual to convey and sell your idea.

As far as the perfect squares, you may want to have a computer generate them. Then have a copy company such as Kinkos print it out on their large printers.

My first board prototype was made out of 3/4" x 3/4" mosaic tiles glued to a backboard!

Best regards,

Mark Jacobs
Chivalry Games

Board Production

Thanks for the plug, Mark!

A typical game board is 75 point plain chip cardboard with 70# label paper mounted to it.

70 pound litho label is coated and is a heavier, glossier paper than say, standard copy paper. You can probably find 70# paper at OfficeMax. I doubt they'll have any 20 x 20 sheets handy though.

As for the back wrap, that might be harder to find. Its a heavily coated paper specially made for box wraps and such. We specify "Levant", which is a specific pattern rather than a type of paper. For a homemade prototype, you might skip the back wrap.

We do complete game prototypes, but its a fairly expensive proposition. They look great though.

Board Production

Thank you both for your replies. I'll definately follow that advice.

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