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I've just discovered the website and i love the concept of just uploading your artwork and letting other people create your products for you, and in small quantities too.
As i understand cafepress only create existing products in their range. (i've emailed them to ask if they'd make products on request) But i was thinking, wouldn't it be great if you could do that for your boardgames, and only create the games you have orders for.

Joined: 12/31/1969

I've used companies like Cafepress and Zazzle before, and they can be good ways to do one-off items like posters, hats, and artwork prints. I'd imagine it would be entirely possible to do with board games, except that games are much more complicated than these other items (which are highly standardized). Given that the costs of producting games in quantities less than 1000 is often not cost-effective, I'd be pretty surprised if you could get someone to print one complete game for less than what you could possibly hope to resell it for, unless you make some pretty significant tradeoffs on quality (black and white rather than full color, lightweight papers, limited choices for sizes of cards/rules/boxes, etc.)

It's a happy thought though...


Joined: 12/31/1969

It's a great idea. We've discussed "print on demand" boardgames a fair bit here in the past, and the reality seems elusive.

Here are some previous discussions here about the concept.

-- Matthew

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