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Cards, Die Cutting, an Boards

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Hey everybody I'm new and very excited I found this forum. I have perused this particular board in search of actual companies that do mass quanity production of Cards, Die Cut pieces and Boards.
I'm not really interested in doing the stuff myself unless it's a complete prototype, rather actually investing in making 500 or so games. Most of the links I read thru just had info on buying actual machines and doing it your self. I'm really just looking for the companies people use in there own game production. Any info would be great. I wish I could return the favor but most of my knowledge in production is in the compact disc and vinyl record world. I could tell you how to make that stuff but game materials I'm lost. So any links on-
Card production (I found one so far on this board that seemed okay)
Die Cut (mass quanity production)
Board production (I've learned many helpfuls ways to make my own but where do bigger companies go?)
thanks everybody. Any answers of guesses would be awesome.

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Cards, Die Cutting, an Boards

Here's a link for die-cutting... I haven't checked any of the companies here, but a quick Google led me to this listings page... I'd be very surprised if you didn't find something to your liking in such an extensive list.

There seem to be a number of other categories you could search this site for as well... diecutting is just the tip of the iceberg I think.


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Re: Cards, Die Cutting, an Boards

dragonblaster wrote:
actually investing in making 500 or so games

I think the problem you're going to find is that 500 sets doesn't come anywhere near what's generally considered "mass production." Smallish commercial games are probably produced on the order of ~5k in order to make the print jobs cost effective. I think 500 is actually exactly in no man's land---too big to be a micro, do it at home job; too small to be a cost effective production run.

Which isn't to say it's not possible in special cases or if you do a lot of work (e.g., digging for helpful local printers, using few colors, etc), but it'll be difficult.

To actually help with your question, I'm inclined to say that your best bet to find local printers & die cutters is to go through the yellow pages and spend a lot of time on the phone. Many don't have any sort of web presence at all, and you invariably need to contact them for a quote anyway.

Cards, Die Cutting, an Boards

You are right it is not a mass quanity but I knew there had to be presses that did smaller runs. I searched the computer and found nothing really, and you were right, I checked my phone book and found a place in 2 calls. I'll keep price checking but I'd think this is the way to go. Local printing shops. Thanks for the simple advice.


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