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CCG production: Labels, Printing, and Hand-Drawn

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I'm working on a CCG based on Xenocard. Play is with a 40 card deck. I don't want to distribute it, just make up some cards to play with friends. What I might do is make a list of available cards and allow people to order the decks custom. (With stipulations such as no more than 2 rares and 6 uncommons, or something similar.) But I'm wondering how one would print out labels to fix to playing cards (The method I've fixed on as being the easiest, apart from cutting up index cards, which is ugly.), and if I would be better just hand-drawing them, since the game will have little to no circulation.

Would it be possible just to print up a frame label, into which the necessary information could be written? (Art is a luxury, not truly necessary to the project.)

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