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Determining pieces for your game -what's available out there

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Hi everyone,

I thought this would be a great topic since everyone can pretty much relate to it

Many of us on this board are trying to convert the "ideas" (in our head) into something physical. I, like many other people who are new to the boardgame design world, am not familiar with all options that are available to put a game together and the costs for those additional options. For example, I know my game is going to need an insert, but I have no idea which inserts to stay away from or which inserts work well at a good value. Unfortunatley, we pretty much rely on the mercy of the production company's recommendation.

Of course each company has different prices and that is fine but if have some type of idea of what the cost is (pennies, cents, dollars), it helps us determine what we can afford to add to make our games look better. For example, if regular 16mm white dice cost only 8 cents per game and a set of nicer dice cost only 12 cents per game, you may want to pay the extra 4 cents for the better dice or pay an extra 10 cents on top of that for transparent dice. But if you have no idea if those options are available, how we can ask for it? (maybe dice isn't a good example but hopefully you get the idea)

In my situation, I am making a Trivia game. I have been trying to determine if there is something out there can will hold my Trivia questions so people can choose the catagory they want (kinda like Jeopardy). Are things like that custom made or is there a site/catalog where you can see the standard game parts available.

I hope my post is clear.

Thanks in advance


p.s. Here is a gameparts search engine

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Determining pieces for your game -what's available out there

Click on "Web Resources" over in the main menu, at left. There are lots of great links for you there in the Game Bit Resources section.

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