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Digital printing for boards

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What are your experiences with Digital Printing services, either online or those offered by stores such as Kinkos, Office Depot, etc. ? Is the quality of prints good enough for publishing ?

I am hoping to use letter-sized 2-ply chipboard for my game tiles, print out back & front paper at my local Kinko's color laser, then use spray adhesive to stick them on before taking the sheets to a printer for cutting out all the 1"x1" tiles. What about paper type and printing quality ? Do they have good quality printers at Kinko's ? What's a good paper to use for glueing onto the board ? I want to do a small test run of 100-300 units to see if there is enough interest in my game, so obviously offset printing is out of the question.

Also for fellow designers looking for board material: my prototypes were done with "Bainbridge 2000", which is a 2-ply chipboard with a bright white finish on one side. 3' x 4' sheet costs ca. $8 at Aaron Bros. stores. Good stuff..

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Digital printing boards

I'm in the sign industry and deal with digital prints all the time. From what I've seen the people at Kinkos don't really know how to use the machines they have correctly (i'm only speaking for digital prints). Most of them have no real training at color correction or how to get the best color out of their RIP software. I've also heard that they are expensive for the product that you get.

We have a small digital printer at our shop, but we only print to outdoor vinyl. I use this to make my prototype boards. But I know of quite a few companies with the type of printers that you'd be interested in. Here is a link to a company that I use when we need that type of work done.

I do a lot of installation on vehicles and building signs for them. They also do great color correction.

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Digital printing for boards

This is an excellent resource. Thanks!


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Re: Digital printing boards

Hooshima wrote:
We have a small digital printer at our shop, but we only print to outdoor vinyl. I use this to make my prototype boards.

I was about to start a topic on flexible board printing. Printing a 600-dpi greyscale PDF or EPS file on flexible media?

So you can roll the board up into a tube?

And when you open it, it settles flat in a minute or two, and has a decent "knock" when you play pieces on it?

Is it a very smooth surface? How thick?

I need to know more about this kind of printing.

How much would a 50-pieces run, 16 X 16 board cost me?

Is it possible to obtain a sample around this size?

Or, can you direct me to a suitable short-run printer?


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