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Electronic Prototyping with Zillions

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I thought i would bring this up now that zillions of games 2.0 has been announced in the BGDF NEWS.

Zillions is a great platform for creating simple strategic board games. You may use it to play others, you may play against the built in AI or as is the point of this post you may have it play itself.

Why? Having the computer play 100 games in the time it would take you to to play 10 allows you to see in a very short amount of time if the game has balance and depth. The zillions web site has over 800 games and puzzles created by users so if you just love to play then your golden. The scripting language is not much harder than HTML for those of you who want to program their own games.

This is the game i posted to the site[ This message was edited by: Dralius on 11-02-2003 13:37 ]

Electronic Prototyping with Zillions

I would like to second Dralius

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