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Folding the board

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I plan to produce a mini-game. The good, old fashoned 6x9 baggie type. I will be using an 8.5x11 map on 110lb cardstock and folded over.

The question is: Do I fold so the map image is inside or outside? If inside, the fold will definitely damage the map. If outside, the fold won't be as damaging but the entire map will be exposed to abuse.

Maybe I need to back up from this design for a while. :-)

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Folding the board

I think it depends: folding so the imageee is on the inside might help protect it from damage during transit. But, then people can't see it. So, it might depend on how it's presented. If it's all mail order then it can be on the inside, because people won't be getting a first impression from the package anyway.

As to the second point Mike, I would think the board would fold fine if you score it first.

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