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For fun and friends....

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I recently started designing my own monopoly game. "Monopoly: The Indiana Jones Edition"

I have a few questions, I need to get a plain box (to fit the board), and a plain board (the single folding style), and need to know the type of cardstock (shiny, stiff, but not overly glossy) for the game cards. I also need to know what that black rubbery backing is on the board. This may not be the appropriate place for these questions, but any help would be very much appreciated.


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For fun and friends....

This is an old designers shortcut.

Go to a thrift store and buy a copy of monopoly for $3. That will give you a board and box that you can glue your own wrapper on. It’s cheap and it’s easy.

I do allot of play testing and I can’t tell you how many games I have seen done this way.

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