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futile Games and the search for paper

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I'm developing a game, though can see no more than 10 being made, so a large production run isn't needed.

I need to get a proffesional finish and the main problem is creating the cardboard game board. The game has a none standard size , 5&1/2inches by 5&1/2inches (14by14cm) so sticking the printed game onto another game isn't an option.

The main stumbling block is finding the paper to back and wrap around the edges of the board.

I'm an artist and have tried various stores and suppliers to find the right paper, but have had no luck.

If anybody knows a supplier, or type and weight of paper I need it would be really appreciated.

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futile Games and the search for paper

I haven't seen the material myself but I suspect you'd be able to find it at a bookbinding supplier since it appears to be the same thing as (or very similar to) the covering on a lot of hardback books.

A quick Google search for "bookbinding supplies" turned up a lot of matches... that's sure where I'd start the hunt.

Edited to note that in searching those sites for a few minutes I found a lot of bookcloth but not paper versions of the same... I'd guess they're out there, but I'd think bookcloth (and the appropriate glue suggested on those sites) would work perfectly and make beautiful boards.

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