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Game graphic production techniques

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My name is Mike and I am a graphic designer. I had just wanted to make others aware of my site where I am displaying some graphic upgrades of popular games as well as many construction techniques. I thought it might be good to list them on this board as there will be many helpful tips on printing and constructing professional looking cards, etc. So far I've redone Puerto Rico and Age of Mythology, the Boardgame – two games which I like very much. Links to download my artwork for these particular games will also be available later in September 04. You can view them now at:

Construction techniques and production walkthroughs will be avail. end of sept. or so, but for now there are some interesting ideas to ponder.

Let me know what you think.
Also, one item I just noticed on this site was cards that are being sold that you can run through your printer. Has anyone tried them? If so, do they feel like the real thing or are they just perforated pieces of regular heavier computer paper?


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Re: Game graphic production techniques

eyecandy wrote:

Simply astonishing 8O. I'd love to play PR with your materiale, and I'm looking forward for your tips...

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Game graphic production techniques

Very impressive.

If I was somebody at Rio Grande I would buy this and make a special edition of Puerto Rico with these graphics.

As a more technical aspect, what was your source for the graphics. Did you draw everything ? The images were scanned from an history book and assemble with Photoshop?

I wish I can pay this kind of services for my current game.

Take care.

Game graphic production techniques

Great designs! You have a good eye for visual continuity and the ability to tie that in with a theme. I'm looking forward to the discussion about construction techniques (did I read that right? Will there be some discussion later this month about some of your methods?).

You should seriously think about making yourself available to game designers as a prototype or publishing resource!

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Game graphic production techniques

Wow.... very nice work.

I am always amazed to see the work of graphic designers, and how well they can create items like you did.

I'm impressed

How long did it take you to do some of the stuff?

Just wondering because I couldn't do in a lifetime what you've done.

Game graphic production techniques

Thanks for all the nice words.

A few things. I'll have full sites up in about a month for these two games and perhaps another. Detailed construction techniques will be included then, along with tips and materials, design notes, etc.

I don't wish to make this a spam, but am avail part time to work on projects, so you can send a private message to me on this site. I'm looking to possibly do full time in future, perhaps with one of the big boys, if I can get in and freelance as well.

For these two projects I used clip art and other non copywrited material, as well as royalty free art and art with royalties – in the case of some of the portraits. If I were doing this professionally, art that needs reimbursement would be reimbursed. However, all art obtained has been manipulated and photocollaged – sometimes so that the original is no longer identifyable.

Depending on the project, it can take a week or so full time – like for PR or almost 3-4 weeks with Age of Mythology which had tons of unique art for all the cards.

Also, for those interested will be new graphics for the PR box, which will be made avail when the site is formally launched in a month and will include instructions for construction.

Any other questions or comments, please let me know.


Game graphic production techniques

Wow. Wow.

That's awesome. Hey, If I ever get to the point of publishing, maybe I'll look you up. ;)

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