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Gaming help...

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Alright, here is the story.

I am a cartoonist. I draw a comic called Midtown Productions.

I have self published 5 books ,submit strips to
a local magazine every month, and just signed
a deal for graphic novel, blah blah blah...

I am a serious gamer and now want to
make a game for my comic, thing is,
I don't know anything about game design!

I know the games I like, but these rules are taken
already. I would like to do a mini. board game or
card game.

I really like the Frag idea by Mr. Jackson.
Although I have not played the game yet
the mecanics sound cool.

Any help would be great.



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Gaming help...

I am not familiar with Frag. By "Mr Jackson" are you refering to Steve Jackson?

Please tell us more about your comic strip and what kind of game you are looking for.

It is very hard, in my opinion, to come up with truly unique game mechanics. Often what works well is to develop your own variations of existing mechanics that will fit well with your game. Example: I have a futuristic war game that I combined aspects of 3 of my favorite battle systems to come up with a fairly unique system for it. The system is different enough that it requires a completely different strategy then the original games called for but still includes the elements that I enjoyed from the original games.

I would say, don't worry so much about original mechanics. Getting the right mechanics is more important.


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Gaming help...

Well.. It's hard to give you any advice without knowing what your comic is about. I would say to focus on the common theme that is the backbone of your comic. Or have something that involves the characters in the strip. I.E. use them to complete tasks or missions for points (again, hard to say without seeing your strip). If you like Frag, could you make a similar game with the characters from your strip? Did you have some idea in mind to use as the basis for the game? How do you picture the game should play?


P.S. Welcome aboard! I'm sure we could use your expertise in the future!

Gaming help...

Alrighty then.

Of course the comic is called Midtown Productions.

Basically it is about me and my friends and the
funny stuff that has happened to them. More or
less it is humor. Feel free to check our website

Mind you the site is graphic intensive. The main
page has the link to one of my strips, under
Tony D'Alesandro.

As I said, I like the Frag idea by Steve Jackson, but
I don't like the idea of a map or board. I think it would
be easier to just make it a table top game with scenery.

In the game Frag you have 7 points to divide up
into 3 skills. I belive they are movement, accuracy and
health. For every point you put in to each skill you get to
roll that many D6.

Example, 3 points in Mv, you roll 3D6 and move that
many squares. Well I don't like squares, so I was thinking
instead of squares, inches.

This is just an idea. Frag is about blasting the hell out
of people, and I dont think that would suit my comic
very well, but I do like the mechanics behind it.

Maybe they could run around and collect pizza rolls
or somthing ( MMMMM Pizza Rolls...)

So I am stuck. I am not really a game designer
but have some ideas.


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Gaming help...


Looks cool, must have potential - all comments below written from only seeing one short strip...

I am sure you have a lotta source material within your work. A good starting point may be looking at your work and what resources you can find in there. To start with list all your characters and what makes them individuals. What kinda locations do they inhabit? What Types of stories do they get involved in. Try and categorise them.

Break it all down and list things in this way. Then you will be able to see any trends, i.e. ok there are a bunch of misfit layabout crazy characters who tend to hang out eating pizza and hassling the neighbours all day - what are their goals? What are they trying to achieve in life?

Then you can start looking at scenarios - so you have these crazy individualist characters running about, what are they trying to achieve, what makes it funny? How should the players interact? Do they fight? Do they die? Do they get hurt or is it all pie-in-the-face slapstick type stuff? Are they reenacting stories or situations?

What kindof things do you want to see? As your work is both visual and humourous, keep it that way, if you have cards make sure they have lots of pictures.

Who is your target market? People who know your work already or any ol' Joe? Or both? Prioritise. Make it worth your loyal readers $$$ to get this game so they can make their favourite characters do crazy stuff in a whole heapa situations.

Identify exactly what you like about the games you like. How would your characters fit in? Do you like lots of cards? Minis? A set board? More freeform? More roleplay?

Lots of things to think about, but lots of background material to work with!

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