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Good Source For Tiny Ziplocks, Glass Tokens, Other Stuff

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The most recent catalog from American Science and Surplus ( has three sizes of ziplock bags. 2"x3" bags (27906) are $2.25 for 100. 2"square bags (90274) are $2.00 for 100. 1 1/4"square bags (90273) are $1.75 for 100. Search under the item numbers or the word "bags".

They also have something they call flat marbles for the price of 100/$2.50, by color, in amber, cobalt blue, crystal green, emerald green, ruby red, and white. From the picture, these look like typical flattened glass tokens like those available in crafts stores.

These people also usually have various other items that may be useful for games, such as little dinosaur figures, etc. Almost anything can appear in their catalogs at times. To really scan all that's available it's necessary to get a copy of their paper catalog though since not everything is directly listed at their on-line site unless you search for it specifically.

There are quite a few catalogs out there (mostly surplus stuff of one sort or another) that are not particularly useful for game stuff on a regular basis but which occasionally will have a good one-time deal on an item some of us can use.

-Michael Schoessow

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Good Source For Tiny Ziplocks, Glass Tokens, Other Stuff

Buy all your stuff at once though, or pay $6 for shipping your $2 worth of baggies.

- Seth

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