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Hello BGDF! I need help with prototyping! Update!

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Hello BGDF! I'm new here, in fact this is my first post. Its nice to see so many boardgame lovers doing these kind of things, keep up the great work! Ok now a brief intro to my game:

I've been making a fantasy anex strategy anex role-playing anex economic turnbased board-game called Legends of Ereal for about 6 months now. (I will post the rules wen I finish 'em). So far the strategy part is finished, the economic and role-playing started. And now I first need to finish the visual aspects (board, units, cards etc.)

To get to the point (money is not available, budget of 200 euro is exhausted):

1: Bare with me for a sec. this is kind of hard to explain. My board is going to be made of squares (big one's are wooden), with multiple smaller squares (I think 4x4) on one bigger square (the wooden squares). The smaller squares exist of pics of forest, water, plain, mountain, maybe rivers, and other types of terrain.

I was thinking of taking a settlers of catan hexagon and reducing the size on the PC and then cutting and pasting them all together.

If you can give me terrain hexagons or squares, that would be amazing!!! I've looking for ages now and its one of my major issues in making my game. The only thing I came up with so far was my idea above. If I can make them I would like to know, what to download and how to make it.

2: Any tips on making a manual more sleek? I mean colors, fonts, etc.

3: Any ideas or general tips conserning small-roleplaying part in my game. For basic stuff read the rules, check below in my last note for contact details.

In return, if you have problems with making a boardgame, I will offer advice and tips wherever I can (and as much as my time alows it). I know this is quite the list with quite the problems, but if you can aid me in anyway I would be most deeply grateful (and not to be forgotten, also mentioned in the credits, although you might find that unimportant).

Please check this thread often if you want to help me as I will be posting new problems, tips for you or anything conserning my game.

Thanks ahead,

Sander K.
Board-game addict.

Legends Of Ereal is coming...
Beware... fun included!
(At least I hope)

One last note: if you want a copy of my rules so far, e-mail me at or post here. That is under the conditions that you SHALL NOT spread it around, that means NO internet, NO friends, NO anything. Wait till I've finished 'em and THEN you may do whatever you like with it (: maybe use it as toilet paper?). I trust that you will hold to it, cause I don't like people stealing my ideas.

This was pretty much it,

cya around!

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