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As someone who has been working on the manufacturing side of gaming for a LONG time, I stumbled on this site and was intrigued by the excitement of everyone participating.

I have worked on everything from thermo forming, to printing, card production, injection molding, and on and on and on.

I can all but gaurantee, a game I was involved in manufacturing is sitting on one of your shelves.

Let me know if I can be of any help.

Gamemaker :-D



I have an idea for a board game that involves trading cards. Is it possible to develop it on paper and pitch it to the major game manufactures. Thanks for your help.

Warm Regards,
Kicker :-D


If you are trying to get someone to license your game, then I would encourage you to put your best foot forward when submitting a prototype.

While the main thing a publisher is interested in is the viability of a game to sell, you only get to make 1 1st impression.

If the game is GREAT, we can generally see beyond cheesy prototypes. On the other hand, if the game is marginal, a bad prototype could doom you.

When we review a game that really seems to fit our niche, we'll often tweak the rules and components so that we can make it easy to understand, and financially feasable to manufacture.

So...the short answer is, it depends on who you are marketing to and how good your game is.

Good Luck 8)

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Hi gamemaker.

Do you have places to go to make things like game boxes, boards, and custom cards? Those are what I struggle with. Right now, I'm selling games off my web site, My inability to make viable cards (in small lots of 100-200) limits my possibilities. And my inability to make custom boxes in that volume prevents me from approaching distributors.


The quantities may be cost prohibitive. For custom box sizes, you may want to check the members of the Nation Rigid Paper Box association. It lists many manufacturers around the US. Some of them may have better pricing than others. You may also want to check if they are in production with a compatable size that you can piggy back onto. These companies are likely all using automated machines to make the boxes so if you can take advantage of someone elses set up, it could keep costs down.

Cards are another story all together. The cost to produce only 100-200 decks is going to be way high due to the set-up time for printing and finishing. The big card makers like Carta Mundi or Quebecor will be outrageously high. Film costs will likely exceed $1500.00. Here is a link for one company I have used to make qulity prototype decks, but these were used to get sales. Not to manufacture games for sale.

I checked your website and it appears the only game you are making with cards is Rasslefest. The card back design is great for " at home production " because front to back registration is not critical.

If these are the cards you are wanting produced, PM me with the specs. I may be interested in producing small runs for you using my equipment. Give me your price target as well.

Sorry I can't give you any great sources. If you could get your print runs up to 2500-5000 games, I could probably help you get them produced in China for a great price as set up costs don't seem to factor as much into their pricing.

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