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Inexpensive source for pawns/tokens

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Howdy folks!

Not sure if this has been mentioned already, but Dollar Tree stores (in central and southeastern Virginia, anyhow) have a cheapo "Chinese Checkers" boxed game that "includes 40 pieces" which appear to be standard pawn-style board game tokens. The image on the box indicates there are 10 of each color: blue, green, red, yellow.

Not sure what the board is made of, but the whole package feels very cheap, so I wouldn't count on a decent board.

Sorry I can't be more specific...I was in the store earlier today, but the one I was in didn't take credit cards, and I wasn't carrying any cash at the moment. I thought it would be worth mentioning here, though, since it's a cheap source of pawns/tokens for those needing them (40/$1 is hard to argue with!).

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