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Looking for card holder game piece (picture attached)

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Hi everyone,

I'm have a tough time trying to explain a specific game component to my production company and I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on this.

This is what it looks like:

They asked me to send them one as a sample but I don't want to buy an expensive game. Does anyone know a cheap game that has similar component?

Basically, you put a card in there and you use to yellow tabs to mark a certain word. For example, if you are playing a word game and you want to mark the words that you partner got correc, you would a component like this.

So if anyone knows what this is called or if you know a game that has this component, I would appreciate your knowledge and assistance.

Thanks in advance

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Looking for card holder game piece (picture attached)

The game "Outburst" has this. Maybe you can find an old copy at a thrist shop or garage sale, or on ebay.

Good luck,


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