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Looking for a site (need printed die-cut counters)

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Does anyone know of a website that has pricing on full color printed die-cut counters? Thanks!!


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Looking for a site (need printed die-cut counters)

This maybe what your looking for: die-cut one-inch BLANK counters. Six sheets (blue, green, pink, gray, white, yellow) of 80.


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Printed & Die cut stickers

I own a sign shop and we have a new large format digital printer that will print and cut full color decals onto outdoor vinyl. If you let me know what you are looking for I could give you a price.

I will need to know:

Size, shape & quantity.

Sorry I must have mis-read the post. I thought you were looking for full color decals.

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Looking for a site (need printed die-cut counters)

Beardo, I do a lot of die-cutting for game pieces myself and because every job tends to be unique, I'm not aware of a website that calculates a price for you. For example, some variables to consider are:

The printing and die-cutting can be done by different firms, or by just one.

The way the printing is done (printed front and back sheets mounted to chipboard, or printed directly on foamcore and then folded in half to the desired thickness).

The size and complexity of the die itself.

The size of the print run (and what your acceptable spoilage rate is - the die strikes will move around a bit and you will get some baddies. If your artwork goes all the way to the counter edge, expect a lot of baddies).

Shipping. Mounted and die-cut counters are heavy! Pick a guy far away from you and you could be surprised by the freight bill.

If you want to spec out exactly what you're planning to do, I can try and give you some ballpark numbers.

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