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Making a game

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I am a student studying a2 product design and need to make a gameboard. This doesnt have to be anything special.

I have purchased the board from protoparts and was wondering how to attach my design to it. Is it just printed out and stuck on or is there other techniques.

Another question is software to improve my design. Currently i have used macromedia fireworks but i dont think it looks good enough to be a game. Any tips and hints would be appreciated


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Making a game

I noticed in a Staples flyer the other day that they're offering wide format, full color printing (up to 24" x any length) for something like $5 (canadian)/ square foot.

Then you could just spray-adhesive the print to the board. Or you could just print off the sections of the board individually and stick them onto the board one at a time, taking a little more time to get the allignment correct.

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Making a game

I bought two boards from proto parts. They are good but need something covering the cracks.

I tried spraying adhesive to thick glossy paper on the whole 4 panels which did not turn out great. I had to then cut it some and remove parts to get the board to fold up like it should.

What I recommend now is first bridging the cracks with some wide masking tape such that you can still nicely open and close up the board and then spay-mount your artwork (board) down one 10” panel at a time.

That is what I will do next time.

- Dwight

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