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Material to tiles

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I have a game (Build and Plunder (it is a tile-building, maze, pyramid game)). I have done a first prototype it went well in testing) but now I want to create prototype with the right feeling.
I need a material (not so expensive) to create tiles (4x4 cm (or/to 2"x2") that are 1 cm thick (or/to 1/2"). I will have around 100 tiles and I will glue the information (paper) on top of the tiles.

Thanks in advance

// Johan

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Big, thick tiles

I believe you can get foamcore in the thickness you need. Foamcore is that foam with paper on both sides, usually about 1/4" (say, 5mm) thick. I have seen double thickness sheets.

It's easy to work with and relatively inexpensive (about $5 for a 20"x30" sheet. That should make about 150 tiles for you.) It cuts easily, though you have to make sure your knife is VERY sharp.

You can buy the normal thickness at any craft store, office supply store or big department store. The thick sheets may be harder to find.

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Material to tiles

One possibility is to buy the normal sheets at your local supply store and use spray adhesive to glue them together. I do this all of the time with posterboard and it works great.

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