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moulding? where? how? - question from a beginner

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Here and there I read about moulding (spl?) where you make a form and then make any shape you like. Could you please tell me:

1) It seems to be very easy to get in USA. Does anyone know where I can buy this in Europe (Belgium) and how much this machine, forms and raw materials cost? (I assume its a small thing and not a huge sofa size machine)

2) Do you buy 1 form for each figure or? how much each?

3) What material do you use? metal? plastic? etc and where to buy it? How much this kind of things cost?

Thanks lots!

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moulding? where? how? - question from a beginner

It depends a lot on what you're referring to as molding and casting.

Injection molding, what's used for the plastic bits of most mainstream games, requires pretty substantial machinery & serious molds (cut out of metal).

Things like resin or pewter casting, however, can be done without machinery (though things like spin casters produce better results). If you search for resin casting you should find a couple threads on these forums about it. It's a good option if you just want to produce a bunch of pieces for prototypes and such.

I buy my resin casting supplies from local art stores. I'd assume you'd be able to find the same in Belgium, or you could order online I suppose. Materials to cast dozens of typical player pawns would run about $30US or less.

If you dig up & check out some of those older threads and clarify what you're looking to do, I'd be happy to try and answer any other questions you might have.

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