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Need a cardboard playing board printed

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I've been looking around the forums, and I've found a lot of good info... but not quite what I'm looking for.

I have been designing a game for a group/ club that I am a member of, and I am ready to start looking for someone to produce the game board. I don't want to "build" a board on foam core or snything like that- I want the final product to look like something that was bought off of a store shelf.

I currently have the project saved as a 200dpi RGB, PSD file, with an overall size of 20" x 20". I want to have it printed on some kind of heavy cardboard, like a "professional" game. I think it would be best printed on a board that folds in half.

This game will not be offered for retail sale- it will only be available to members of the club due to licensing issues. I am guessing that I will have anywhere from 50-200 produced.

Can anyone tell me who I can contact to have the game board printed(recommend a company)? Can anyone tell me what kind of ballpark cost I should be expecting?

Thanks for your help!

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Need a cardboard playing board printed

You've got a few cost effective options, as I see it.

A) Find someone who has one of the EPSON wide format printers willing to print straight to cardboard, and pay whatever they ask

B) print on paper and paste it onto a board. The Protoparts store has 20" x 20" boards, so this seems to be a relatively inexpensive, attractive option.

You'll spend a fortune trying to get 50 copies of a board printed at places like Kinkos or even at an offset printers. If you are over 200 copies, then maybe an offset printer will be OK, but in general, they are only really cost effective at 1000+ copies.

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