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Need City-opoly game manufacturer

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Hey guys and gals,
I need a manufacturer for a city-opoly game. I have talked to a few in the US and they all want 3000-5000 game minimum or $10-$15 a game.

Does anyone know of a company that would do a smaller minimum and keep the price down? I can wait for overseas shipping if the price is right.


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Need City-opoly game manufacturer

It appears to be raining "opolies" this week!

Anyway, check out the Web Resources link on the left of the screen; go to "Professional Services", and there you'll find a list of printing companies that folks in our community are aware of.

I believe Delano will do 1000 game print runs, but for their price, you'd really have to ask them for a quote based on your specific requirements, and that will be true for any printer and any game.

Good luck,


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