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Need Web Help!

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My friend and I are currently working on a game that has a website/html
portion to it. Almost like a choose your own adventure where what you do in the card game determines which link you click on next. The problem is
I have no website design experience. What we need now is a plain jane
html template to prototype our game.

If someone with website experience could help us out it would be greatly appreciated. Nothing fancy, just barebones template that we could insert
pictures, text, links, etc... I have a picture I can send that shows the basic
layout we are looking for if anyone wants to help.


p.s. plus any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Need Web Help!


I am about to head out on vacation for the next week, but if you still need help when I get back, I should be able to through a few sample pages together for you.

Need Web Help!

If you search around there are plenty of basic HTML tutorials around which should contain all the information you need (as long as you aren't getting into PHP etc.). Basic HTML isn't difficult so you should pick it up quite easily.

Here are some documents to get you started.

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Need Web Help!

As someone mentioned before, try doing a web search for basic HTML. Or if you are looking for some basic webpages, you can use one of mine:

Right click on it, and select "View Page Source". This will show you the basic HTML. Then you can copy and paste this into your favorite text editor and go from there.

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