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plastic poker size card cases

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Anyone know where I can get sturdy clear plastic poker size cases for a card game I am printing? I'm doing this instead of the extremely expensive and non-water proof tuckboxes.

I need 2,500, but the catch is they need to be twice the size of a standard poker in 100 cards per deck.


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plastic poker size card cases

A solution that I found worked quite well for a playtest deck I recently made was to store the cards in a clear VHS-C (camcorder tape) case. It should be thick enough to hold a big deck, but may not be big enough to hold poker size cards. I can check and see. As to how one obtains these in the quantities you clue, sorry.


no playtesting

This is for actually production, not playtest, so it has to be perfect.

Tuck boxes are okay, but just not durable for my game. Expensive as hell, too.

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