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price point for game two custom decks of cards

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I've got a game with two custom decks of cards: one with 110 cards and one with 70 cards. They were designed with QuickCards.

I was surprised to find that making a decent prototype cost $50 or so -- $30 for the PlainCards and $20 at Kinkos to copy the printed out QuickCards onto the PlainCards (I can't just print them because it's a u-turn printer -- and even Kinkos messed it up several times before getting it done right).

I can't be expected to charge $60 or so for my two decks of cards if I were to mass-produce this. What would you recommend? I've found lots of places which make custom cards, but they all have 54-card decks.

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price point for game two custom decks of cards

Go to our company website:

Go to the Game Design section. There are articles there on card manufacturers, on a standard list of specs for game cards, etc. Get some quotes.

Start there. Don't mass produce with Plain Cards. That's financial suicide.

In your spare time, read the articles on setting terms for distributors, card collation, cutting costs, etc.

That section of the Veritas Games website was put together specifically to answer questions like yours.

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