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Printing boxes and boards- so many questions

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I am planning on publishing a game myself (yay!) and have never worked with a printer. So....a few questions:
1. Matte or glossy: what is the difference? For games like Monopoly. Clue, etc, what do they use?

2. Box cover thickness - What is the standard thickness I should request?

3. Game board thickness - What is the standard thickness I should request?

4. Box size - I plan to use a standard quad fold game board that reduces to 1-'x10'. What box size is best?

5. Printers and box/game boards - should I source the components separately and provide to the printer?

6. Can anyone recomend a great printer?

7. How about costs for 4 color printing? Please inbox me if you have any ideas.

8. Anything else I should know?

Thanks in advance to everyone.

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Printing boxes and boards- so many questions

Good post, i'd like to know the answers to the majority of those questions too.

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I too am in the process of self-producing. Looking at my quote, the following was mentioned. I have no idea what the sizes mean other than my telling the manufacturer I do not want the cheapest, flimsiest route (aka Hasbro games). When you figure that first impressions matter, it's probably better to err on the side of better quality if you want companies to stock and sell your game.

That being said, I'm being quoted on the game board: 2.0mm Chipboard with black textured paper wrap on bottom and top sides. There is also 120 GSM Top Sheet w/ Four Color Process printing plus UV coating.

The box is a 2-piece design: Lid and Base. It is an 800GSM Chipboard laminated with 120 GSM uncoated paper stock. It will have Four Color Process Printing plus UV coating on all exterior surfaces.

I'm using a full service game manufacturer so I can't help you on cost breakdown comparisons etc. as I'm doing a turnkey solution and have a single quote for everything. That being said, I'm trying not to skimp on quality so the above dimensions might give you a starting point to ask printers to quote. I feel comfortable with these dimensions for my childrens game.

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Printing boxes and boards- so many questions

The question of board thicknesses has been addressed in your other post. As for matte vs. glossy, I would suggest you go with matte for as much as you can.

Most all games use matte finishes to reduce glare. This is especially true for the board and cards. You don't want a player be unable to see parts of the board or cards in play because of their seating position.

Your printer can tell you if they have stock sizes for game boxes that would reduce your costs. They may have dies and machines set up for a standard size that would reduce your setup costs if you use their standards. They should be willing to work with you.

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