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Rats and cars

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Hi everyone

I have been working on some larger project recently and have tried to find suppliers for some components. I would like to be pointed to the right direction. I have looked at the web resources (at this page and found other components I need) and scanned the internet (without any success). In this case the prices are also a valid part of the deal.
I have included my minimum amount.
I need:
- 1000 ordinary cars (not formula 1 cars) divided into 4 different colors. I have found cars but the size is normally 1" long and that is to long (can be wood or plastic).
- 4000 (probably double that amount) rats divided into 4 different colors. This can also be wood or plastic. Size max 1".
- 1000 Barrels (black). Has to be the same material as the rats.
- 4000-6000 markers that looks like shields (at least 4 colors but probably 6). Wood (can be plastic). Size around 1/2"-1".
- x small wooden markers (all kinds of colors) around 1cm in diameter.
- 800 Wooden ships (4 colors) . 1"+ in size. Style as the Carcassone figures. Alternative plastic pirate ships.

Thanks in advance

// Johan

p.s. it's not for the same game ;)

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Rats and cars

p.s. it's not for the same game ;)

Lol... I was scratching my head trying to figure out what kind of game would need both cars and pirate ships... will look around, see what I can dig up...


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Rats and cars

Consider pony beads.

Here's a link to some cars:


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