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rounded corners

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Hi, I'm designing a small card-game for fun. And I'm busy with the lay-out. I'd like the cards to be about normal playingcard size. But is there a standard for this? I'd also like rounded corners, but on how many pixels would I set photoshop for the corners. I'm going to transport the whole to quarkexpress, so I can make multiple pages of cards in an easy way. The whole document goes to a copshop where I want to get it laminated with .8 micron (or something of the like) and then have them cut off the corners. Anybody who can give some pointers?

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rounded corners

Theres some card layouts that you can download from this site to use. I think they are already standard size. You can then print them and cut them the way you like

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Standard poker sized cards are 3.5 x 2.5". If you are going to have the copy shop round the corners, then have them use whatever rounder they have available (unless the have a special tool that is actually designed to round corners this way). What I mean by this is that even though you round your corners a certain way in your graphic for the cards, the copy shop may be unable to duplicate the size and curve of the corners correctly. So it's probably best to keep the cards square and let the copy shop round them with whatever method they have for doing that (again, unless they are especially equiped to accomodate your specific curves).


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