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Short run Printing Services?

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Hey, folks -

I'm new on this board but have been looking through the threads and so forth seeking particular information.

I'm trying to investigate short run printing services for a card game. Between 1 and 100 sets/decks.

The only two services I could find online were these:

The former has free price quotes but I've sent off two and not received reply. The latter claims that they will begin printing playing cards but they haven't set anything up and there's no onsite info.

Basically my publishing endeavor would be very small scale. I have contacts through local game retailers and would try to pursue things on that level.

If anyone has any experience or comments concerning this I would greatly appreciate them.

I understand and appreciate that self publishing can and often is expensive. While I've encountered many services that assemble custom playing card decks, that's not necessarily what I'm aiming for (meaning I'm not looking to only print 54 sized card decks etc).

thanks for your time.
- Dan

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Short run Printing Services?

Not sure there any many other options for printing 1 to 100 decks. Sadly the cost for a printer to handle such a small job is not often feasible. basically the only option might be to research printers that deal with something called "gang run" or "gang" printing. This will allow for a smaller print run, such as 100, because they print multiple customer jobs and *gang* them all together.

A couple such places :

A guy I know at work has used them both for various music related projects and the printing quality is very nice. Only downfall might by size limitations. So, you might need to get creative on your layout and possible do some cutting. But I would look into either of these to see if they might work for you.

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