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Shrink wrap for VHS Packaging

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Can any one help us on this one?

Our game, GOOD NEIGHBORS - The Sharing game is packaged in a Plastic VHS case (no hubs).
We'd like to shrink wrap the package for a finished look.
Has anyone in the forum done this?
We are looking for information and resources to complete this in-house.

Thanks for your help.


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Shrink wrap for VHS Packaging

I've looked into this a bit too, since I've started using the same type of packaging for my games.

You might find this link helpful:

I'm not sure if you need the specialized heat gun to make the stuff shrink, or if a normal hand-held hair dryer will work though ... anyone else with experience on this?


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Shrink wrap for VHS Packaging

Back in my high school days I worked a few months at a local Blockbuster. The shrinkwrap gun they used got quite a bit hotter than a normal hair dryer, but I think that was just used to quicken the process. You might be able to get away with a normal hair dryer, but it might take longer.

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