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Start Up Cost For A Card Game?

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One of the games iI have made is a card game. The core deck is 80 cards and so is each exspansion.

This is not a ccg. But the deck do stack together and make the game much more fun with each added one.

What am i looking at to start getting this out to stores once i get the cards and art laid out?

Basically how much is printing? how many decks should an ambitious first run be? How much is disritution costs? How much is the total cost to do all of that?



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My project

Hi mordelack,

I will give you an idea of the costs for my project and maybe you can work with that.

I publish my own card games and distribute them too. I do my own marketing and also distribution.

I have recently won an award to design, print and distribute new games for schools. These games will be distributed to every state school in England for free (one per school). I've been awarded £5k.

Adobe Creative Suite cost me £350
Illustrator training will cost me £375 (for a short course to get to basic grips)
Printing costs approx £3,500 for 4,000 decks containg 27cards to a deck
Packaging and distribution costs another £1,000

Total £5,225
Inclusive of tax - I will soon be VAT registered so the figure will be less. Also VAT is only applicable for UK consumers so take off 17.5% on printing , software and training will give you £4,486
Assume dollar to pound is 1.75 thus £7,850 approx.

Not sure how much this helps you. But just my two cents.

P.S I am eligible to obtain a discount for software due to my funding organiser being a charity so allow for this too.

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Start Up Cost For A Card Game?

Nobody can quite answer that question for you. Why? Too many variables. Art costs. Marketing costs. Staff costs. Editing costs.

If you just want print costs primarily, keep in mind that you generally have to produce 1000s of decks. Overseas you can get your costs down easily to $1.00 per deck or less. Domestically, unless you print 5000 or 10,000 decks, you are gonna have much higher printing costs.

I invite you to go to my website and poke around through some of the articles in the game design sections. It's got information on doing small print runs of cards, setting up payment terms for distributors, cutting down costs, etc.

Poking around there and running some numbers will give you some ideas.

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