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Storing Game Bits

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I'm not sure if this goes in this forum, but I wanted to share a couple of solutions that I have found for storing and organizing games and game components.

Meet my new best friend, the Stanley Professional Deep Organizer. I picked mine up for about $15 at a chain hardware store. Comes with 8 smaller storage bins that are the perfect size for any standard playing card (poker or bridge sized). And will fit up to 3 MTG sized tuck boxes. The small bins also easily fit over 200 card prototypes in card sleeves with no boxes (I use paper in my sleeves, those using card stock may not be able to fit as many). Also comes with 2 larger (double sized) storage bins that fit larger components and double deck sized tuck boxes. The best part is that the bins are removable and repositionable in the case. Very cool!

I found these little guys at a sporting goods store in the fishing tackle section (TONS of storage boxes of all shapes and sizes there!). They're Plano nesting boxes (part no. 1060-00, see them at You get all 3 for about $2. I use them for everything (including many store bought games like Puerto Rico).

No, I don't get any commissions from and sales... :wink:

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Storing Game Bits

(It appears my short reponses/addition got lost in the hack. So here it is again.)

I came across a new product called Game Savers at the 2004 Toy Fair this past Feb. The company that sells them had a booth next to mine. I've not used them myself, but they may work for others. You can find them at


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