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Using magnetic tiles, pieces, etc.

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Read through some of your ideas here and have one I am considering. Just want opinions really.

We are designing a Carcassonne-type game with tiles and I for one hate the "whoops" factor. Same goes for Settlers and Puerto Rico. Most of my fellow gamers have kids who randomly pop in on Mom & Dad and jostle the table which can hose hours of play!

Using a flexible magnetic sheet as a baseboard and magnetic backing on the tiles makes the delicate map building a bit more stable. It also has the benefit of allowing over game pieces to be added on top (roads, people, buildings) without being easily jostled. Think Settlers-type roads but magnetic bars instead. Meeples with a small magnetic core embedded in their feet.

The one problem I can forsee is the actual shuffling of tiles would be a lengthy process.

I had the thought of felt or a rubber-type surface to keep the tiles from slipping, but I keep coming back to magnetics to solve the additional pieces on top of the tiles from moving.

Anyhow... testing is underway with different methods to see what works the best.

Here is a great site for magnets in all shapes and sizes...

Please, let me know your thoughts!

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Using magnetic tiles, pieces, etc.

One interesting alternative would be a magnetic board and metalic tiles. IIRC, there is a special card material wich feels and looks like paper but works like metal, but I fail to found the source of that recollection. I think there's also a magnetic spray paint or something that may be used for that same purpose.

edit: I did some googling, and found this sites:
Magnamagic magnetic wall paint
Krylon spray magnetic pain


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You may be thinking of a magnetic receptive sheet called Flexiron™

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Yes I have also looked into the Metal Paper or Ferron Paper (if I remember right). It would be excellent for a more portable board.

I did convert my Carcassonne to magnetic! I bought a large sheet (36"x48") of galvanized sheet metal (duct work stuff) at Home Depot for $12. For prototype work it does the job.

I bought a couple rolls of 1"x10' self-adhesive magnetic tape and cut them down to 1"x1" squares and applied them to the backs of the tiles. At first I tried to find an exact size fit for the tiles and almost bought some magnetic sheet to cut down. But honestly, the lip of tile allows for easier removal of the tiles from the surface. Just press on the corner and it pops right up. Especially handy for tiles in the middle of other tiles.

Haven't played it yet, but it sure is cool looking.

I next plan on getting tiny neodymium magnet cubes or discs and dremel out a small hole in the Meeple's feet and make them magnetic also.

This site has a brilliant selection and very good prices for these very strong magnets.

Next up for conversion would be Puerto Rico and Settlers.

Then I will begin designing my own game!

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